Sunday, September 03, 2006

Vintage Sex Naughty Movies

But Carol Johnson turned the tables on her. When she’d gone over to meet her that fateful evening, it wasn’t Carol Johnson she ended up with. It was Becky. And the scene unfolded in much the same way as the scene she’d witnessed between Becky and Mrs. Johnson had.

He took her hand and wrapped it around his penis.

Lust erased all rational thought from Sharon's mind! She shivered as he stroked her, then her head rolled back, her face a mask of passion, when his lips and tongue began to work on her breasts.

"No problem at all. Sorry I didn't get to meet you earlier, by the way, we can have a chat when we're done here if you like."

"Are you ready?" he asked.

Rick began to kiss down Jenny's soft thighs, stopping occasionally to bite here and there. His tongue licked a wet path down one thigh and up the other, teasing his lover to distraction.

Ugh! Oh my God, that fuckin' stinks!

** Chapter 1 - A Weekend In the Country **

It was because of these problems with their sex life that Mike first began to think he might be interested in guys. He started reading gay/bisexual porn and even rented a few movies. Then one day she caught him whacking off to a magazine with guys doing guys and she freaked out! She was crying and yelling and couldn't believe what was going on. Mike said he calmed her down and explained how he was feeling sexually, how he really loved her but he wanted to experiment, that what he learned about himself would help their sex life too. He said he had always been able to sweet talk her, and he also made it seem like it was her fault that he was doing this (this was my first inkling that maybe Mike wasn't as nice a guy as he seemed). She agreed that he could experiment and that if he really liked it, she would try to go along with his ultimate fantasy of a threesome.

"My God that's terrible, you poor dears," Janice told them, "but I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding. If that's all there was, I'm sure I can speak to Tony and get things settled. That is the end of it, right?" Emily just started crying so hard, she couldn't speak.

"Yes!" Marlene said more from shock than pain. She was torn because the sensations on her breasts were actually pleasant, not painful as they might be, and her hands were sending unprecedented signals of pleasure to her brain.


"Oh, that's right. You like the bare ones." She commented seeing the supplies.

Not that I was exactly a social butterfly. My life had narrowed with loneliness since my wife died, and I guess that I wasn't really all that surprised that nobody seemed to believe me when I said that I was all right.

A thin stream of pre-come leaked out the end of his dick. Jenny expertly spread the wetness over his cockhead and around the rim as she continued to lightly finger his dick. “Mmmmm . . .” he moaned, sucking her nipple like a baby. It was all he could muster to say. Did she expect him to say? Did she truly think he would decline?

"Of the band," he corrected, laughing at her quick wit.

He laughed, and said, “you know that having alcohol in the building is against the rules- you are a very bad girl...hey, you better give me one too!” So we sat down on the cool floor and drank our mojitos in silence, just listening to the rain fall outside the open window.

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